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How to make your phone’s battery last longer


Everybody wants better battery life in their smartphones. But the fact is that cellphone batteries are not made to last forever and they will eventually get weaker as they get older.

There are however some good habits you can learn to make sure your phone’s battery lasts as long as possible.

Don’t charge your phone fully

Lots of people think it’s a good habit to charge your phone fully and then let the battery die completely before recharging again. However, it’s actually better to keep your phone charged somewhere between 30 – 80%. This is because of the battery operates at a low voltage between these two points and a lower voltage is better for the lifespan of the battery.

Don’t leave your phone charging overnight

Everyone leaves their phone charging overnight at some point. Leaving your phone plugged in every night can be bad for its battery life however. It’s better to stop charging your phone when it reaches 100%. This is because a constant current into a full battery puts the battery causes voltage and temperature stress. This can damage the battery. Also using your phone while it charges also stresses the battery and can damage it.

Keep your phone cool

Batteries hate heat. High temperatures put stress on batteries, damaging them. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight and try to avoid letting your phone sit on or under hot objects.

Use a good charger

Make sure you only charge your device with a certified charger. All BigPhone chargers are certified quality to give you hassle free charging cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else.

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What is a Megapixel anyway?

Every new smartphone review is quick to call out the number of megapixels that phone’s camera is capable of shooting at. While it’s generally accepted that a higher number of megapixels is always better, you may be wondering what exactly a megapixel actually is and what it does for your photo quality.

To understand what a megapixel is, first you have to understand what a pixel is. Pixels are the tiny squares that are pieced together to make up digital images. The more pixels you have, the larger and sharper your image will be. A megapixel then is simply 1 million pixels grouped together in an inch. This means that a 40 megapixel camera captures images made up of a whopping 40 million pixels per inch.

The more megapixels, the bigger and sharper the image.
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The more pixels per inch there are, the more information the camera can digitally record and the better the photo will be.

Shop BigPhone’s range of high resolution smartphones to find the one with a camera to suit you.

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3 Reasons you should cover your phone

No matter how careful you are, you will eventually drop your cellphone. Nothing is worse than feeling your phone slip out of your hand. Time slows down as your phone goes flying towards the ground.

But these days shock resistant covers are available for all shapes and sizes of phones. You might prefer the sleek look of no phone cover, you could easily damage your phone if you dropped it. Here are four reasons we’d recommended getting a cover for your phone.

Dropping is inevitable

You will eventually drop your phone. A cellphone cover over your device will make sure the outside body, screen and camera don’t get scratched while also keeping the internal circuits safe. This is because most covers are made to be shock resistant and have a raised edge that also helps to keep the sensitive cellphone screen off the ground.

It helps to keep the phone’s value

If you ever want to sell your phone, having kept it in a cover it’s whole life will make sure you’ll get top dollar for it. Some second-hand buyers might even ask you if the phone was kept in a cover. It it’s usually quite obvious when a phone hasn’t been in a cover.

Show your true colours

Phone covers also come in a variety of colours and designs that help to set you apart from the crowd. Some are even designed to be as minimal as possible so as not to look too bulky. Choose the cover the best represents you.

BigPhone offers a selection of great phone covers to suit your needs with free delivery. They offer great protection and value and we’re always adding more for you to try out.

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What is ICASA certification?

Think twice before buying a mobile phone or wireless device that doesn’t come with an ICASA approved sticker.

ICASA certification protects retailers and consumers

Every gadget that transmits a wireless signal must be certified by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) before it can be legally imported and sold within South Africa.

This is because poor quality wireless devices that do not meet the required specifications to transmit within South Africa can interfere with local airwaves and broadcast systems.

This requirement protects South African retailers and consumers from poor quality imports and helps to maintain the overall quality of South African mobile communication.

All BigPhone mobile products carry approved ICASA certification. It’s part of our commitment to bring you only the highest quality products that are completely in line with South Africa’s communication laws.

To check the ICASA certification on your phone or mobile device, carefully remove the back cover and look for the ICASA certification sticker. It should be somewhere on the phone’s inner body or behind the battery with the word “APPROVED” stamped on it.

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How do I order from BigPhone?

BigPhone is committed to providing you with a smooth and safe delivery process to make sure you get your order on time and hassle free.

All BigPhone orders should be made using the website’s ordering process. If you’re not sure on how to complete your order then below is a step-by-step guide on how to order.

Step 1: Choose your product(s)

  • You can browse through all of BigPhone’s products either on the front page carousels, by using the search bar, or through the Shop page and products filter.
  • When you’ve found the product(s) you’re looking for, click the Add to Cart button.

Step 2: Go through checkout

  • When you’re ready to complete your order then proceed to checkout by clicking on the checkout button.
  • Start by entering your delivery and billing details into the boxes provided. Make sure to give us as much information as possible so we can deliver your package correctly and contact you in case of an issue.
  • Next you must select your payment method. The methods we have available are:
    • Instant EFT payment – This allows you to do an instant EFT transfer using EFT secure.
    • VISA/Mastercard – Pay instantly from your debit or credit card using the PayFast portal.
    • Zapper – Use your mobile phone to pay instantly through the Zapper app.
    • Cash deposit – Manually make a transfer either through cash deposit or EFT using your bank app or website. Please note that selecting this method will provide you with our bank details and your order will be placed on hold until your payment has been confirmed by us.
  • When you’re happy that your order details are correct, then please tick the terms and conditions and click Place Order.
  • Depending on your payment method, you will then be taken to another screen to complete your payment.
  • Once your order is complete you will be taken to the order complete screen.

Step 3: Next steps and your delivery

  • Once payment is complete you will receive an email of your order details telling you that your order is processing. While your order is processing we will package it and get it ready to ship to you.
  • If you selected Cash Deposit as your payment method then you will receive an email with our bank details telling you that you order is on hold until payment is completed. You order will remain on hold until we can confirm that your payment has been made. Please note that this may take a few days to complete.
  • Once your order has been fully processed and packaged, we will ship it off to you. You will receive another email alerting you. We will then follow up your shipped delivery with a tracking number for you to follow its journey. Your delivery should arrive within 3 business days.
  • Please note that your delivery is insured and all BigPhone products are covered under a standard warranty.

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How to clean your phone

Did you know that your smartphone is probably dirtier than a toilet seat? We’re going tell you why and give you some tips to easily clean your phone with household products.

It’s estimated that the average cellphone is 7 times dirtier than your toilet at home. The reason is that more and more people are taking their phones everywhere with them. Whether you take it into the bathroom, use it while cooking, or exercise with it, your phone is always coming into contact with dirt and germs.

But don’t worry, here’s a helpful guide on how you can clean your phone. To do this you’ll need:

  1. Microfibre cloth
  2. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  3. Distilled Water
  4. Earbuds
  5. Cleaning gloves
  6. A spray bottle (for waterproof phones only)

For Waterproof & Water Resistant Phones

Top-of-the-range phones like the iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Huawei P30 are often waterproof or water resistant. If you’re not sure that your phone falls into this category we’d suggest you try looking on Google first. Here’s how to clean your waterproof or water resistant device.

Then start by mixing some rubbing alcohol with distilled water inside a spray bottle to make a solution. Remember to wear gloves.

Spray the outside of your phone evenly with the solution. Wipe the phone clean using the earbuds. Once the phone is dry give it a wipe with the microfibre cloth.

For Non-Waterproof Phones

Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in a cup or bowl. Don’t use a spray bottle at all.

Then carefully dip the earbud into the solution and gently clean the outside of your phone. Once the phone is dry give it a wipe with the microfibre cloth.

If you’d like to get yourself a new and clean phone with our range of the latest smartphones a look.