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How to make your phone’s battery last longer


Everybody wants better battery life in their smartphones. But the fact is that cellphone batteries are not made to last forever and they will eventually get weaker as they get older.

There are however some good habits you can learn to make sure your phone’s battery lasts as long as possible.

Don’t charge your phone fully

Lots of people think it’s a good habit to charge your phone fully and then let the battery die completely before recharging again. However, it’s actually better to keep your phone charged somewhere between 30 – 80%. This is because of the battery operates at a low voltage between these two points and a lower voltage is better for the lifespan of the battery.

Don’t leave your phone charging overnight

Everyone leaves their phone charging overnight at some point. Leaving your phone plugged in every night can be bad for its battery life however. It’s better to stop charging your phone when it reaches 100%. This is because a constant current into a full battery puts the battery causes voltage and temperature stress. This can damage the battery. Also using your phone while it charges also stresses the battery and can damage it.

Keep your phone cool

Batteries hate heat. High temperatures put stress on batteries, damaging them. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight and try to avoid letting your phone sit on or under hot objects.

Use a good charger

Make sure you only charge your device with a certified charger. All BigPhone chargers are certified quality to give you hassle free charging cheaper than you’ll find it anywhere else.

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