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What is a Megapixel anyway?

Every new smartphone review is quick to call out the number of megapixels that phone’s camera is capable of shooting at. While it’s generally accepted that a higher number of megapixels is always better, you may be wondering what exactly a megapixel actually is and what it does for your photo quality.

To understand what a megapixel is, first you have to understand what a pixel is. Pixels are the tiny squares that are pieced together to make up digital images. The more pixels you have, the larger and sharper your image will be. A megapixel then is simply 1 million pixels grouped together in an inch. This means that a 40 megapixel camera captures images made up of a whopping 40 million pixels per inch.

The more megapixels, the bigger and sharper the image.
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The more pixels per inch there are, the more information the camera can digitally record and the better the photo will be.

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