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3 Reasons you should cover your phone

No matter how careful you are, you will eventually drop your cellphone. Nothing is worse than feeling your phone slip out of your hand. Time slows down as your phone goes flying towards the ground.

But these days shock resistant covers are available for all shapes and sizes of phones. You might prefer the sleek look of no phone cover, you could easily damage your phone if you dropped it. Here are four reasons we’d recommended getting a cover for your phone.

Dropping is inevitable

You will eventually drop your phone. A cellphone cover over your device will make sure the outside body, screen and camera don’t get scratched while also keeping the internal circuits safe. This is because most covers are made to be shock resistant and have a raised edge that also helps to keep the sensitive cellphone screen off the ground.

It helps to keep the phone’s value

If you ever want to sell your phone, having kept it in a cover it’s whole life will make sure you’ll get top dollar for it. Some second-hand buyers might even ask you if the phone was kept in a cover. It it’s usually quite obvious when a phone hasn’t been in a cover.

Show your true colours

Phone covers also come in a variety of colours and designs that help to set you apart from the crowd. Some are even designed to be as minimal as possible so as not to look too bulky. Choose the cover the best represents you.

BigPhone offers a selection of great phone covers to suit your needs with free delivery. They offer great protection and value and we’re always adding more for you to try out.

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